Six: A review

written by Gregg on 2017-03-12

'Six' is a bad show that you shouldn't bother watching. I don't get why this show was made, and I'm ostensibly the sort of person who would watch it.


The elevator pitch for this show seems to make sense: "ripped from today's headlines", a show to humanize the somewhat mysterious SEAL members, etc. Seems solid enough.

The good: Probably the best thing is that they reveal that everyone's badass SEAL nickname is actually a pun or joke, and intended ironically. This is actually a real thing: the team sniper is more likely to be called "deadeye" not because he's a great shot, but because he once spent 20 minutes trying to kill a fly with his shoe and missing every time. Stuff like that is the boring, mundane barracks/squadbay reality of military life.

The action sequences are competently shot and paced. On the other hand, they'd better be, as action set pieces are the center of every ep.

The bad: literally everything else.

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